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Tuesday, 19 April 2005

Pulling Through

Well, I've made it through the last few days and my fever seems to have gradually evaporated. It really was the last thing I needed right now. The house is getting closer to being ready for Passover, but we're still quite a way off to meeting the level that I'm aiming for.

I didn't make it into school yesterday or today. To be honest, with the way I was feeling, I wouldn't have been of much use. School has now broken up for the holidays and I've got a heavy schedule ahead of me. Until Friday night, its a question of readying the house and hopefully starting work on my next assignment, due in on the next Friday. Next week, I need to take my Skills Tests in English, Maths and IT. These are governmentaly produced multiple choice programs consisting of 45 minute online tests (which I need to go to a test centre to sit) which I need to pass in order to qualify as a teacher.

If and when I do pass them, I still have two more months of study before I will hopefully get my full qualification and teacher number. I then have to undertake a year of teaching as an NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) before I can call myself a proper teacher (i.e. fully qualified). It's not easy, but I've come quite a way since those heady September days.

I find it hard to believe that I'm but two months away from finishing my university course and can't quite fathom how the last eight months or so have zipped by faster than Superman on Speed. The course is demanding, but I have worked constantly and now face the inevitable rush to complete my files and meet the rigorous standards required by the Department of Education.

Over the last twelve months, you've witnessed my trials and tribulations and here we find ourselves on the eve of our very first anniversary (isn't it exciting?!)

Think back, if you can to April 20th 2004. What were you doing? Has your life changed as much as mine? Maybe you're happy with your situation and don't need a change (and who can blame you?). I know that this last year has been memorable, frustrating and yes, totally worthwhile. I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing it with you and I hope the feeling is mutual.

But more of that tomorrow.

Today, there is still much to be done. A house is waiting to be pesached and a special anniversary about to be celebrated.

As they say, watch this space!

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