All that you have is your soul (Tracy Chapman).

Sunday, 10 April 2005

Silver Lining blah blah

As it turns out, that nogoodfernuttin' sixth former has done me quite a service by "compromising" my last blogsite (Compromise...I really am watching too much of 24). I'm really enjoying posting to this new site and now that I've got past the HTML (I know the colours are boring, but I have yet to work out how to change them, bear with me people, bear with me), it's much more liberating than my last site.

My morning lift has just called to say that she's sick and won't be taking me in. I guess that means I'm at the mercy of the Tube....oh well, as long as I've got some decent reading material and the train actually gets me to the destination it says it's travelling to (not something that I ever take for granted), I suppose that I really shouldn't complain (much).

Monday morning beckons and I have yet to sort myself out, so I suppose I'd better stop blogging and do something useful (hee hee hee).

Have a pleasant week, why don't you.


Kiki said...

can we have the blue back - the orange is too bright for early in the morning?

ta very muchness


Stelios said...

your ORANGE period is like reading the EASY JET booking page.


Jeff Beck said...

Youre every where and no where baby, thats where your at................... and its hi so silver lining