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Thursday, 14 September 2006

How Can This Be Happening?

I have just watched (part of) Schindler’s List for the umpteenth time and yet again, I found myself with moist eyes when the actors and the people they are portraying put a stone on Oskar Schindler’s grave.

Except this time, my emotions were inflamed by a feeling of great anger and frustration that, after all we endured during the Second World War, a fascist shit like Hamanejad of Iran can get up there, on the world's stage and claim that the Holocaust "was a myth".

Even worse, he wants to convene a conference to "research the topic of the Holocaust and all its dimensions in the future".

What the hell?

Why is the world standing by and letting him get away with this crap? After everything we have been through, how can a leader of a country actually make such pronouncements – and see his comments go virtually unchallenged? Why isn’t Britain doing something tangible instead of giving some lily-livered response?


Right now, my blood is boiling.

At least six million human beings, of which, one and a half million children were massacred and this moron comes out with his crap?

G-d I’m so angry.


Onyx said...

He's a moron and that is why he spouts such crap.

On another note I enjoy reading your blog, and appreciate the spiritual aspects you represent

May G-d bless you in all your endeavors

The Teacher said...

Thank you for your kind words. I'd like to feel that this gives some food for thought, aside from the usual fluff.

May G-d bless you too!