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Monday, 4 September 2006


Oh good.

Not content with “simply” wanting to wipe Israel off the world’s map and denying the Holocaust, Hamanejad, the moronic President of Iran now wants to organise a “Holocaust conference” to examine the evidence “supporting the Nazi genocide of Jews”.

Here’s some evidence for you, Mahmoud baby.

My grandmother lost virtually every single member of her family when Hitler came to power. She never saw them again.



Where did they go?

Children, mothers and fathers simply vanished.

Strangely enough, their names simultaneously appeared in deportation/extermination records kept by the Nazis. They were recorded as having been killed at Auschwitz, amongst other places – by the people (like you) who did the killing.

Your call to organise this conference shows evidence alright – of the justification to ensure that a power-mad moron like you needs to be dealt with severely ASAP.

Deal with it Kofi now, for all our sakes, instead of prancing around like a castrated poodle.


Vanda said...

Hello from England. All I can say to that is "for Gods sake!!!!" I'm not Jewish but reading stuff like this really and truly pis£%s me off big time.

The Teacher said...

Hello back from England Vanda!

Thank you for visiting my site and showing that whether or not you are Jewish, you too can recognise this man for the monster he is.

Do not in any way doubt that he means exactly what he says. As Bush said today, these people are not madmen, "they kill in the name of a clear and focused ideology".

Bush was referring to Bin-Laden, but make no mistake, Hamanijad is no different - and what's more, he's much more dangerous.