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Monday, 18 September 2006

In The Beginning

1:1 In the beginning G-d created heaven and earth.

1:2 The earth was without form and empty, with darkness
on the face of the depths, but G-d's spirit moved on the water's surface.

1:3 G-d said, 'There shall be light,' and light came into existence.

1:4 G-d saw that the light was good, and G-d divided
between the light and the darkness.

1:5 G-d named the light 'Day,' and the darkness He named
'Night.' It was evening and it was morning, one day.

Today, according to Jewish tradition (and the Hebrew calendar) is the anniversary of the creation of the world. At the end of the sixth day, G-d created man and sure enough, this coincides with the advent of the new Jewish Year, Rosh Hashanah (which will start on Friday night).

I have made a point of reminding myself of this fact throughout the day, as if to keep in mind the direction that man has taken throughout the ages. G-d took something without form and made it into infinite galaxies. He nurtured this planet, gave it life and love and then left it to man to guard.

Judging from our actions, both towards ourselves and our planet, I think we've let G-d down.

Yet, here we are on the anniversary of this momentous happening and I think it imperative that we to try to re-ignite the special light that was only witnessed fleetingly on that day.

Whether or not you believe that the creation took one day or millions of years, please give a special thought to this anniversary.

Once again, we have the opportunity to start anew, so please, let's not make a mess of the forthcoming year.

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