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Thursday, 7 September 2006

Lower Expectations

After three days at school, I finally got to teach my first lessons of the new term. Unfortunately, since the computers are up the spout (or rather, the rooms are being "remodelled"), there wasn't much computing going on.

I guess it would have been asking too much to be able to give proper IT lessons during the first fortnight back, after a six week summer break (during which time, the building work should have been carried out and completed).


Pepperpot said...


Happy New (Academic) Year!

Tense Teacher said...

Yes, it would have been asking too much, just as it was asking too much to have enough desks for my students in my room on the first day of school.

The Teacher said...

Thank you Pepperpot...welcome to the new term!

Tense Teacher, of course, you can fully understand my frustrations.

It's sort of reassuring to see that this kind of crap happens on both sides of the Atlantic.

Then again, why should we have to put up with it?