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Wednesday, 20 September 2006

The UN (United Nutters)

I’m having difficulty understanding this one – maybe you can help.

Am I correct in surmising that the President of Iran, a man who is constantly denying the Holocaust took place whilst calling for another sovereign member country of the United Nations to be “wiped off the planet” - is allowed to enter the United States (a country he hates) and address the UN? A man who could potentially ignite the next world war?

If I am, this situation makes an absolute mockery of what the United Nations stands for.

This is not a case of someone being allowed to “present their own point of view”. By granting this monster of a man the legitimacy to go wherever he wants and stand at, what could arguably be described as the most important podium on the planet, we have, without a doubt, gone down the road of madness.

Then again, maybe this is the key decision that demonstrates once and for all that the UN really is a bloody stupid waste of time and money.

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