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Saturday, 30 September 2006

So What Do YOU Think?

I've transferred over to Blogger in Beta and as you can see, have given this site a teeny-weeny makeover.

I could get a little more radical and change the whole template, but to be honest, I've got so many additional scripts, that I don't know what a mess it would cause (and more importantly, how much time I would spend sorting it out). So the colour's changed and that's about it (aside from the Blogger's own little idiosyncrasies, like the archives thingy). A useful feature I have noticed is that I can now tag the posts, so that all the teaching posts can be bunched together, or alternatively, all the Israel ones - I just need to be consistent with the tagging!

Ok, what do you think of the "new look"?

If there are any designers out there, could you suggest a more suitable colour for the title text, background etc?

If not, royal blue it will be (until I get bored of it).

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