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Wednesday, 13 September 2006


An old schoolmate, A, now living in Israel, sent me this great (and timely) joke.

A Frenchman, Texan and Israeli were flying in a Jet over the Pacific, when suddenly the engine fails. The plane makes an emergency landing on a distant island and the three are taken hostage by some cannibal tribe.

The three are brought to the chief, who explains that the inhabitants are civilised and thus willing to offer the men a final request before eating them.

The Texan asks for a big steak, lots of French fries and beer. The chief instructs one of his inferiors who instantly returns with the food. The Texan eats and is tossed into the pot.

The Frenchman asks for a case of champagne and a plate of escargot, cooked French-style. Once again, the chief instructs one of his little men and the food is brought before him. Once he finishes eating, the Frenchman is tossed into the pot.

The Chief turns to the Israeli and asks him what he wants. The Israeli answers "I want to be kicked really hard in the behind." The chief shrugs his shoulders in disbelief, asks the Israeli to turn around and kicks him hard. The Israeli turns around immediately, draws his gun and shoots the chief and all his tribesmen dead.

The Frenchman and Texan, amazed, climb out of the pot, turn to the Israeli and ask:

"If you had a weapon all this time, why didn't you do something sooner?"

The Israeli replies: "Really? And risk being accused by the UN, Europe and the US government of using excessive force in response to minimal provocation?"

Thanks A!

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