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Sunday, 16 July 2006

Solutions II

Further to my last posting, I point you to this website which sheds some more light on Iran’s involvement in this latest flare-up.


Loonylouise said...

More than 120 Lebanese have died since clashes with Israel began on Wednesday - please explain why this is acceptable?

The Teacher said...

Let me ask you a question.
Why is it acceptable that terrorists are shelling people in Sderot, Ashkelon and Northern Israel?

What would you do if someone walked into your country and started kidnapping your citizens?

No-one says that the deaths of innocents is acceptable. Each death is a tragedy and the Army is doing what it can to minimize civillian losses.

Yes, there will be tragedies, but if you look at what's really going on (as opposed to the bias presented through news organisations like the BBC), you will see that there is a very careful strategy to avoid hitting civillians.

Have a look at:

If the Lebanese did their job correctly, Hezbollah wouldn't be running their country and this whole thing wouldn't have started up.