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Sunday, 30 July 2006

Nasrallah's Gift

I’ve just watched a fascinating interview on Israel TV (Channel 10 news) between the presenters of the show and two Israeli Arab journalists.

The topic of discussion revolved around the continued bombings of cities such as Haifa, Nazareth and Acre and how the joint Jewish-Arab populations in those areas, were finding themselves sharing bomb shelters – both facing the very same threat from Nasrallah and his murderers.

This is a subject that I have yet to see discussed on the BBC, SKY or CNN. After all, as the journalists emphasised, a Katyusha doesn’t differentiate between Jew and Arab.

How refreshing to note the sense of unity felt by both parties.

Yes, there are those in Northern Israel who support Hezbollah and many Arabs do feel dual loyalties between both Israel and Lebanon, as their relatives are also caught up in the conflict in the latter. However, what came through, at least to me was the strange irony of Hezbollah, through its psychotic dream of destroying Israel, actually being the cause of rapprochement between our two nations. It is sad though, that it takes missiles to draw us together, but thinking about it, that may be the only way to effect real peace between us.

I also don’t recall the Jewish people in both Israel and abroad being as united as they are right now and if Nasrallah thinks that lobbing flying bombs at our people will break us, he really has no concept of what Jewish history is all about.

Jew and Arab united against Hezbollah. Who would’ve believed it only a month ago?!

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