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Monday, 24 July 2006

Fighting For The Truth

I want to use this post to debunk some of the distortions that are appearing in the world's media (particularly the BBC) right now:

Israel's response is disproportionate

Let's consider the situation. Israel is the only democracy in a sea of twenty two Arab dictatorships. She left Lebanon six years ago and Gaza, last August.

She has no issue with either Lebanon and Gaza. Yet, terrorists from Gaza have spent the last eleven months shelling the residents of Sderot (and lately Ashkelon) with thousands of Qassam missiles. These are not the "crude" devices depicted by the media, but deadly flying bombs. The fact that but a few people have thankfully been killed in attacks, does not minimise how dangerous the missiles really are.

Despite the constant provocation, Israel (until very recently) did very little to fight back. If anything is disproportionate, it is Hamas almost ceaseless firing of these missiles from Gaza onto the citizens of Sderot and the damage these so called "crude" devices cause.

This is the ceiling in a child's bedroom after such an attack:

Remember, citizens of Israel have been fired on from inside Gaza - the area that Israel completely evacuated last year.

On the northern front, despite Israel's quitting Lebanon (and following the U.N's mandate to the letter) six years ago, Hezbollah have launched over a thousand rockets into the country:

So, you've got a situation where Israel, who has not invaded anyone, is being bombarded by rockets on two fronts.

And some people have the nerve to complain that the country's response is disproportionate? What would you want your country to do if you were confined to a bomb shelter because you and your fellow citizens were being constantly bombed? What choice has Israel got, but to fight back and destroy the threat? Diplomacy, as we have seen is laughed at and the UN observers are very good at observing missiles flying over their hands into Israel - and doing nothing else.

Israel is targeting civilians

We have all seen the terrible and tragic images of Lebanese men, women and children being wounded and killed in the Israeli bombardment. This has led some to surmise that Israel is deliberately targeting these people. In fact, the reality could not be further from the truth.

Whereas Hezbollah's stated aim is wipe out the State of Israel and they have been shelling civilians in the north of the country to prove their point, Israel has gone out of its way to warn the Lebanese (i.e by dropping leaflets and making Arabic broadcasts) to leave the war zone and head north.

You have to remember that Hezbollah, a recognised terrorist organisation, has created a state within a state (including its own army) and is ruling Lebanon, under direct instructions from Iran and Syria, who are supplying their weaponry. For years, they have been persecuting the Lebanese (in particular the Maronite Christians) and stemming the economic growth within the country. Were it not for this group, there would have been peace between Lebanon and Israel by now. In short, they rule by the fear and violence.

Hezbollah, like Hamas, cynically uses the properties and houses of frightened citizens to store their weapons and fire on Israeli civilians (and the Army) from these populated areas, without any regard to the danger in which they are putting their so called "hosts", by doing so. If you were Lebanese, you would be forced to store missiles in your living room, or under your house.

Tragically, mistakes have been made by the Israeli army and air force and civilians have been killed in their homes and cars. However, this is not a small conflagration (as described in the media) but a war in which Israel is doing what she must do, to protect her citizens.

To claim that Israel is targeting civilians is to play into the cruel hands of the Hezbollah. If anyone is culpable for the murder (as opposed to manslaughter) of the Lebanese, it is the Hezbollah and certainly not Israel.

Israel has territorial claims on both Lebanon and Gaza

Israel has been unwittingly dragged into this war. She neither needs nor wants it, but now that she is fighting, she must win as it will send a very clear message to both Iran and Syria (the true perpetrators) that they will not vanquish the State of Israel and that the their vision of establishing a Shiite Kingdom from the Euphrates to the Mediterranean is but a dream.

The war that Israel is fighting is no different than that going on in other parts of the world, including cities such as London, New York, Madrid, Bali and Mumbai. Hamas, Hezbollah and Al Quida are all unified in one goal and that is to destroy Western liberal civilisation.

Anyone who actually believes that Hezbollah would not carry out its evil machinations in other countries, were it given the chance, is really living in cloud-cuckoo land.

I hope that this post has done it's bit to shatter some of the myths that are being propagated by the media and some naive politicians. Israel is fighting a war against Islamic fundamentalism and if only for selfish motives, we must give her every ounce of support that we can.

The minute we start siding with the so called victims (i.e the 'poor' Palestinians, who strap explosive belts to their waists or the some of the Lebanese citizens who very happy to espouse Hezbollah's fascist cause), we assist them in their perverted aim

- to destroy OUR way of life and at the end of the day

- to destroy US.

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