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Monday, 3 July 2006

Teaching On The Fly

I was back in school and the network was down. It therefore allowed me to experience the sensation of teaching by the seat of your pants, or as I called it this afternoon, “teaching on the fly”.

This is the way it works:

You walk into a classroom; look at twenty five eager students; metaphorically shit yourself worrying how you’re going to fill the next fifty-eight minutes and think fast. Very, very fast.

In the end, I got them to design a logo on a piece of paper that I told them should be a representation of one of their attributes/character traits. When they’d done that (I was seriously making this up as I went along), they had to swap their designs with their neighbour and find out whether that person could work out who they were, from the logo.

I then went around the class and asked each person to describe his/her neighbour using the logo.

I don’t know how educational it was, but it took up much of the lesson, even though the kids had lost interest by the third student.

It was boiling hot in the room and it felt too much like hard work, so tomorrow, the little darlings are getting a word-search because there’s only so much flying I can be bothered to do in a classroom that was probably around the 32 degrees Celsius mark this afternoon.

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