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Thursday, 13 July 2006

A Word Of Warning

Reading the latest entries on this site, you could be forgiven for wondering whether I've been doing any teaching. The answer is yes I have, but somehow, with all the terrible news emanating from Israel - the country which is home to my heart and mind, teaching seems all that more unimportant in the overall scheme of things.

I've just heard that Haifa, the third largest city has been struck by two Katyusha rockets. This is yet another milestone in the escalation of the situation. I expect that Israel's response will be to start shelling Damascus, which is only 40 km away from the Israeli border. Assad will then have the choice of either reining in the terrorists and get our boys released or facing the wrath of really really pissed Israel.

Today, places that I have visited and grown to love, like Tzfat, have endured rocket attacks. It breaks my heart to see my country under siege and I sincerely hope Israel gives a response that reminds the Arab world of who they are starting with.

We are not an aggressive nation, irrespective of how we're portrated by the media, but if someone starts with us, we will beat the crap out them.

We Jews have five thousand years of history behind us and we ain't going anywhere. We outlived the Babylonians, Greeks and Romans. We survived the Nazis and the Communists. We will also be around long after the Islamic terrorists are but a nasty blip in the history of the world.

A word of warning: Don't f*** with my people.


Tense Teacher said...

Here's an addition to your warning, "...especially since we've got the ineffable Name on our side."

I actually thought about you last night when my husband's pager went off citing the news of the bombings. You will be in my thoughts, as will the nation of Isreal.

The Teacher said...

on behalf of my brethren in Israel, thank you. We need any help we can get.

As always... Rachael said...

Just a note to let you know I was thinking about you...

Loonylouise said...

How can you say Israel is your country if you don't even live there?

The Teacher said...

The Israeli Law Of Return declares:

"that Israel constitutes a home not only for the inhabitants of the State, but also for all members of the Jewish people everywhere"

As a Jew, I recognise the irrefutable centrality of the land of Israel as an eternal home for our people.

The fact that I don't live there yet, does not in any way negate my right to claim Israel as my home.