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Wednesday, 12 July 2006

The Next Victim...You?

The situation in Israel has now escalated to an extremely precarious level. The country is being attacked on two fronts, with terrorist operations no doubt sourced in Syria. The two problematic territories that Israel left (Lebanon and Gaza) are coming back to haunt her as terrorists are entering the country and kidnapping her citizens.

Israel must deal with the situation at hand immediately. I’m afraid that innocent civilians will no doubt be killed, but unless drastic action is taken to sort this situation out, Hamas/Hezbollah/Islamic Jihad/Al Qaeda et al will continue with a very dangerous development in their quest to kill off as many people as they can

Keep in mind the simple fact that whatever starts in Israel is replicated around the globe. In the same way that airplane hijackings and suicide bombings have spread around the world in the last thirty years or so, so I fear it will be the case with kidnappings. It is therefore in the interests of every human being who values his or her life, that Israel continues to fight these Nazis and that she also receives as much support from the rest of the world as is possible.

For those of you who criticize Israel for her “harsh” and “unproportional” response, just remember that one of those Israeli soldiers could very well be your son or daughter. One of your children could have been a passenger on one of the trains in Mumbai yesterday morning – or indeed, a tragic victim of July 7th 2005.

Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and Al Qaeda are exactly the same and if you honestly think that the situation will be sorted out when Israel moves out of the West Bank, be mindful that these kidnappings and this mess is emanating from areas where Israel is not in situ.

The terrorists don’t consider liberals or conservatives when they plan their operations. If you are Jewish, Christian, Hindu and yes, even Muslim, you are seen as a valid target…

… irrespective of how sorry you feel for the “poor Palestinians”.

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