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Sunday, 23 July 2006

This Teacher...Is Cool

Dana has very kindly suggested that I take a few days for myself over the holiday (we broke up on Thursday….way-hay!!!) and so I’ve decided to go somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for a very long time – the City of Liverpool.

Yup, my friend S. and I are going on a Beatles’ themed trip to the famed city in the third week of August. So far, I’ve booked accommodation, two tickets for the two hour long Magical Mystery Tour coach extragavanza and I’m waiting to get places on the National Trust trip to John and Paul’s respective houses.

I’m so excited!

Additionally, we will have to ensure that we take a ferry (a)cross the Mersey, as well as visiting all the other places (the rebuilt Cavern for example).

I’ve told S. that this is going to be a seriously ‘Beatley’ few days…I just hope that he won’t come back absolutely hating the fab four.

We love you yeah yeah yeah!


Tense Teacher said...

Sounds like fun, and a well deserved break after a long and difficult school year. Take lots of pictures!

The Teacher said...

Thanks...if there are any good photos, I'll put them on here.