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Wednesday, 25 January 2006

Year 10s

I’m seething.

The kids were obnoxious today, both in and out of the classrooms. After three difficult lessons, I had to cope with my Year 10s who weren’t in much of a mood to study. As I bent down to retrieve my memory stick from my pc, I noticed that it had been taken out – by one of the Year 10 students.

I’ve got a plan on how to get it back, not least because I have a strong suspicion about who took it. The said student was milling around my desk whilst I was dealing with other students and even had the cheek to log me out of my own computer (why didn’t I lock the machine?....oh yes, I needed to use it for teaching), log himself him in and start playing around with the interactive teaching software.

He was peeved because I found out what he’d been up to (I also had three separate students witnessing his antics) and I reckon he took my USB out of sheer spite.
Tomorrow will certainly be an interesting day, in terms of my investigating it’s disappearance.

Watch this space.


Tense Teacher said...

You have to deal with some real turds, don't you? I'll be looking forward to seeing how you win this battle, as I'm sure you will...please keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Cheer up mate and be strong. If it's any consolation, back here in Adelaide it is soooooo easy.

Did that help?