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Tuesday, 3 January 2006

Gaza 2006 = Baghdad 2005

It’s interesting to note that now the Jews have left Gaza, the whole strip is falling apart.  Whereas, in the past, the Palestinians were unified in their hatred of the Israelis, that “unity” has disintegrated and predictably, the in-fighting has begun.

A few months back, the Palestinians who took over the greenhouses left by the Settlers complained that they couldn’t get anything to grow in the arid soil. Yet, the Settlers had managed to use the very same earth to cultivate countless vegetables and fruit. I guess the blessings of the land left with the Jews.

Do I have any sympathy for the Palestinians? No, Not really. However, I do feel that the average man or woman has been hard done by – not least through the totally inept and criminal behaviour of the so-called leadership. Please remember that a large number of Palestinians supported the terrorist bombings when it suited them and were very happy whenever a suicide bomber blew one of my brethren apart. They couldn’t wait to dance in the streets.

The Palestinians wanted to Gaza and they got it…and when you piss in the wind, you always end up with a soiled face.

What goes around comes around.
Sometimes, sooner than you think.

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