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Sunday, 15 January 2006

The Family Trip

Dana is not a great Shul (Synagogue) goer. On Shabbat mornings, I take the three girls whilst she views the restful nature of the Sabbath day quite literally – and spends the morning in bed.

Now that Shira is being toilet-trained, the luxury of being able to put her down for a nap has evaporated. Hence our delight when Dana decided to come with us to Shul yesterday. The nicest part was walking as a family into Shul, - the Teacher, flanked by his women. We all sat together in the children’s Service and participated together with the other families. I even managed to take care of the kids some of the time, rather than leaving it (as usual) to Dana.

I don’t know when she’ll join us again, but I can honestly say that having her there with us yesterday was a real treat.

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