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Wednesday, 11 January 2006

When The Best Isn't Good Enough

I am at the end of a difficult and frustrating day.

The first period saw me battling with my Year 8’s (no, the other class) and that was before my lesson observation during period 2. I spent three hours preparing for it last night and had really hoped that I would get a better result. The kids were not particularly helpful and they didn’t learn as much as I had envisioned, despite my very best attempts at planning a structured, well though out lesson.

A dispiriting lesson with Year 9 didn’t exactly brighten up my day whilst the Year 10’s were all over the place during the final lesson.

I guess that sometimes, your best efforts just aren’t good enough.

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Tense Teacher said...

SO true! Regardless of how much you prepare, how psyched you are to teach a lesson, there is ALWAYS the possibility that the students will not cooperate. In fact, you can count on it that if you are super-ready for something, they will be totally out of it, or totally wild - either way, they won't help you out.