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Monday, 16 January 2006

Boys Will Be Boys.

It’s not often you get the chance to catch not one, not two, but three birds with one stone, but today afforded me such an opportunity.

I was on lunch duty in the hall and my brief was to stop any kids taking food out of the dining room into the playground.

A Year 7 kid approached me, carrying a slice of pizza on a plate. He asked me to hold onto the plate whilst he went into the playground for a moment. I thought it a bit odd, but duly complied and after a few moments put the said plate onto a neraby piano.

My attention was caught for a moment on something else but as I turned around, I saw another kid reach in through the door and take the plate out into the playground.
I went out, found the first kid, (managed to get the plate back) and gave him a telling- off, whereupon he told me to “shut up” and ran off. I made chase, plate in hand and followed him back into the school and out through another door into the front playground where I duly dumped the food into the nearest rubbish bin.

A crowd of students had gathered around and one Year 9 kid was shouting at me for throwing his lunch away. I ignored the protest, hot in pursuit of the first kid, whom I caught soon enough near the dining room.

It turns out that the Year 9 student, who had been banned from the dining room had bullied the hapless child into getting him some lunch, to bring it out to the front playground (via the second kid). The poor child had not only been bullied by this vicious 14 year old, but also to endure a very angry teacher who didn’t take kindly to what was going on. Unwittingly, I had managed to foil a three way scam, much to the delight of the head of Year 7.

All in day’s work I guess.

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