All that you have is your soul (Tracy Chapman).

Wednesday, 11 January 2006

The Humbled Teacher

I feel bad about the post I wrote lasting week, finishing Sharon off. I forgot that, notwithstanding the bulldozer’s innate strength, G-d ultimately decides when he wants someone back.

May I therefore wish Mr Sharon a speedy recovery. Sometimes, we all need a lesson like this to remind us that we are but mere mortals, who cannot profess to understand the workings of the Almighty.

I am suitably humbled.


As always... Rachael said...

Wishing ill on people is harmless (to them). The only negative repercussion is letting someone draw out the ugly side of our personalities... and we all have one. Sometimes I think I have two!

The Teacher said...

For the record, I'd hate anyone to think that I was wishing ill to Mr Sharon. I naively went along with the media belief that the Prime Minister was at death's door - I should have known better than to believe everything I read in the media!