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Thursday, 26 January 2006

The First Plague

Now this is interesting!

You’ve got the Prime Minister of Israel lying in a coma whilst the Palestinians have come to the conclusion that they’d like to be ruled by a bunch of terrorists who get their marching orders from Iran.

You will probably be surprised to read that I couldn’t be happier (about the latter, not the former). The thought of the liberal chattering classes in Ramallah spending the evening crying into their lattés, fills me with quite a considerable amount of glee.

So here’s the rub: Hamas and the PA are going to have a power-sharing agreement and the Palestinian Authority who pretends to care so much about world opinion will be running things (there’s a joke if ever there was one) in tandem with an organisation whose cheered the attacks on September 11th and whose ultimate goal is turn the world into one humungous Islamic State.

If I were Israel right now, I wouldn’t be too concerned. Hamas is going to have to reform if they ever want to be taken seriously by anyone who matters (i.e. the Americans) and then again, if they screw up, they will have lost all credibility on the Palestinian Street.

As for the people who voted for Hamas, I will relate one ancient but very wise saying:
“Don’t wish for something, because you might get it”.

You don’t realise it yet, but once again, you’ve shot yourselves in the foot.

This week, in our Synagogues, we are reading about how G-d smote the Egyptians with seven of the ten plagues. The Palestinians are about to get a lashing of their own, only this time, thankfully, we will have had nothing to do with it.

G-d works in weird and mysterious ways.

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