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Monday, 9 July 2007

The Curse Of The Cd-R's

I decided to make another attempt at buying some cd-r's this afternoon. I went to the a different supermarket and promptly managed to lock myself out of my car. I tried to call Dana to ask her to bring some copy keys to me and just then, my mobile battery died (isn't that bloody typical?).

So there I was, car-less, key-less and phone-less (and cd-r less for that matter). Fortunately, I had taken my card with me, so I was at least able to get into the store and buy the accursed disks. I also met someone I knew who let me use their phone to call the wife. Things were looking up.

Until it started raining.

I swear, you couldn't make this up.

Fortunately, less than an hour later, thanks to my shining knight in metallic-green armour, I was re-acquainted with the inside of my vehicle. SuperDana as usual, saved the day.

In retrospect and in light of recent events, I really do wonder if someone up there has a problem with my buying recordable cd's....


Tense Teacher said...

Be careful, they might blow up your computer...

The Scribbler said...

Don't joke!