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Thursday, 26 July 2007

Movie Review: Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

Now as you probably know, I have not read the Harry Potter books yet, which is probably a mistake, granted that I've now seen all the films.

This one, which at times is so dark, really makes me wonder whether the Director has had an almighty row with the lighting crew. There really is very little light, both visually and in the storyline, which jokes aside, I am told accurately reflects the sombre mood exhibited in the books.

That said, I enjoyed 2/3 of this movie, particularly Imelda Staunton's delicious performance as Dolores Umbridge, as well as Harry's turn as class teacher.

I'm afraid the final reel left me cold as I literally lost the plot (nodding off for a moment didn't help either). Thankfully, those nice people at explained it to me, which sort of defeats the purpose of the film's director, who didn't do a very good job in clarifying the murky denouement. I also felt the pace lagged at times - something that I haven't really experienced since the Chamber of Secrets episode (which bored me silly and also sent me to zzzz land)

I definitely preferred The Prisoner Of Azkhaban and The Goblet of Fire. They were just as dark, but at the same time, more engaging. Dare I suggest that the source material wasn't up to it?

Worth seeing, but ultimately, a little disappointing, granted the high quality of the previous offerings.

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