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Sunday, 8 July 2007

250 Reasons To Vote Olmert Out

I would say that by now, on this site, I've pretty much established my political leanings. I'm conservative, right leaning (but not too far, although it's all relative anyway) but ultimately pragmatic.

Carrying this baggage, I really can't understand how Olmert can even consider releasing 250 Palestinian prisoners to help bolster Abbas, when Gilad Shalit and co are sitting/lying in captivity, one year on from that war.

So Olmert frees these people and then what? Does Gilad go back to his family? Do Ehud, Ron et al, go back to theirs? What will we get from this "exchange" (a inaccurate term if ever there was one).

I understand that the prisoners don't have "blood on their hands". Yes, I get it, Olmert. But why not use them as bargaining chips against our boys? Why are you doing the so called decent (but naive) thing when you know that Abbas is no better than Haniyeh, despite the facade he presents as being a moderate - why why why?

You know that Olmert or anyone else involved in this lunacy won't be reading this, but it doesn't stop a nobody like me venting his frustration - especially in respect of the poor parents of Gilad Shalit. Rachmanut.

It is time that Olmert made his first correct decision as Prime Minister of the State of Israel and resigned his post to someone who will have nous to know how to deal effectively with the Palestinians - instead of making idle promises in desert resorts.

I can think of 250 reasons to get rid of Olmert and not one of them would think twice about killing Jews to further their bloodthirsty aims.

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