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Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Calling All Zionists - We Need You Right Now

I've added a new link to the left hand column, which is represented by an Israeli flag and the legend "support Israel".

Please take a moment to click on it and show that you too are a supporter of the incredible State of Israel. As our enemies do everything in their power to demonise and de-legitimise our precious little country, please join me and others in our struggle to fight this blatently anti-Semitic movement.

There will always be boycotters and their ilk who use their intelligence to push through their misguided and malevolent agenda but as long as we stand tall and united, they won't succeed.

These people, by their actions are standing shoulder to shoulder with the kind of vermin who drove a flaming car into the entrance of Glasgow Airport. Remember, the Holocaust didn't start overnight - Jewish businesses were boycotted first and professionals were denied jobs.

Does this sound familiar?

By clicking the link, you are standing up for the only true democracy in the Middle East - the only country in the world where both Jew and Arab sit side by side in Parliament, representing their respective communities - which openly ridicules the ludicrous claim that Israel is an apartheid state.

Fellow Zionists - we need you guys and gals to play your part and.... the link!!

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