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Monday, 30 July 2007

Kiki's Back!

I've come to believe that, sadly, most people seem to thrive on hearing about the misery of others.

Just watch your friends' faces perk up when they hear the latest (usually negative) gossip about others. There's nothing more fascinating than hearing that so and so is going through a bad time. Yes, you feel terrible for the person and give them all your sympathy, but deep down, you know that when bad things are happening, its better that others get inflicted.

You might read the above and think that I'm being particularly callous, but deep down, I bet you agree with me. It is human nature after all.
It therefore gives me great pleasure to give you some more news to pique your interest. Are your ears pricked up yet? Do I have your full attention?


Then I'll start...

Guess what, Kiki's back!

Now, to the vast majority of you, the name "Kiki" means nothing. Who is Kiki? And what's the big deal about her being back? Most importantly, what's BAD about that?

Honestly, nothing - but I've done it, I've actually got you hunched over your computer...about to receive good news!

Kiki is an old friend of mine who lives in Canada and who has gone through a hell of a time in the last eighteen months, in her private life. She used to have blog, but it was removed against her wishes and she found herself effectively silenced from the cyberspace world that we all seem to inhabit.

When we last communicated, Kiki announced that she was getting divorced. Twelve months on and here she is, once again single but re-invigorated with the lust for life that made her so appealing to all of us, her friends, who have known her in better times.

Her blog address is:
and it would really great if you paid her site a visit and welcomed her back.

Please feel free to spread the good news because it is much more fulfilling than the alternative.

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