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Thursday, 19 July 2007

The Last Day - How It Went

It has really been an emotional rollercoaster of a day. It started off in registration time, when my lovely Year 10 tutor group presented me with a signed card and box of deluxe Ferrero-Rocher chocolates. I got a little gushy, telling them that they had always been my favourite class and how happy I was, when told that I would be their co-tutor. I reckon that if you can't get emotional on the last day of term, just when you're going to leave - you'd better quit the profession.

I gave out some jelly sweets and went into my class for the first period. I couldn't believe my eyes. Some little "expletive" had actually walked off with both my computer and sound system. Apparently it happened last Friday. Maybe, leaving the school wouldn't be so hard after all!

Anyway, I managed to fix up another class room so that some of them could use a computer to watch a DVD.

Break came along, a final few moments with my class and then we all went down for assembly, where the Deputy Head made some very nice comments about staff who were leaving, and we all felt several lumps suddenly making themselves known in our respective throats. It would have been a perfect assembly, had my mobile phone not decided to go off. Yes, it was pretty embarrassing (and I could have sworn that I had switched it off!)

The students were dismissed, there were numerous handshakes and bear-hugs and then it was over. My students left the gym and went out into their holiday time - never to be taught by me again. Hard moments indeed.

School ended and we had the customary last assembly for staff. I said a few words (which I can't repeat for reasons of confidentialty) , got a laugh, received a gift and took loads of photos.

I joined the staff for a drink after school at the nearby pub and we said our final goodbyes.

And that, my friends, is that.

These have been two years of experiences, tears, some laughter and memories. I'm taking a breather, thinking about the past and looking forward to new batch of students and staff.

Good times have passed - good times lie ahead.

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