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Thursday, 15 March 2007

Re-Owning My Classroom

Since the incident last week, I have set myself a new target - to retake ownership of my classroom from the students.

As you can imagine, this is no easy task. The kids feel that they can say or do whatever they want without serious repercussions and so, I am finding myself in daily (sometimes hourly) conflict with many of them, including those I don't even teach.

In the last forty eight hours, I have been called a c*** by two Year 11's and a d***head by a Year 10 boy. All because I am unsubtly enforcing my presence in situ and reminding them of who is really in charge.

My campaign to re-assert my authority is obviously having an impact on my "popularity" amongst the student body. I really don't care what they think of me, as long as they show some respect and do what I say. I am also on a personal mission to become the most hated teacher in school, something that I think I might achieve if I continue driving my agenda through.

I will succeed because I've had enough and I know that I'm leaving.

I don't think I could have been this ballsy last year - but then again, I don't recall the students ever being as out of control as they are right now.

The classroom will be mine.


Bon Viveur said...

Bring ring back the corporal punishment.
Clap bad parents in the stocks.
Reintroduce capital punishment.
Re-introduce conscription.
Build more prisons.
Re-build Borstals in every city.
Exit Britain from the crummy EU.
Ban Political Correctness.
Exile the Scottish Cabinet
Castrate all drug peddlers and rapists.
De-liberalise women.
Tear down universities and replace with technical colleges.
Re-introduce Grammer Schools.
Illegalise any talk of global warming (fear is the most effective means by politicians to control the populace).

That's a just a small start to get this country back on its feet and make it GREAT again. Whack a thug is my motto for today

The Teacher said...

This is erm....interesting and I do agree with some of your ideas (but I won't say which)