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Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Denton's Progress

Quite a while ago, I told you about Denton Farmer, my alter-ego, whose work as a Private Investigator had unfortunately landed him in quite a bit of trouble with a mysterious (and relatively leggy) blonde.

I therefore thought it was be high time to update you as to what had transpired since then.

Denton, being the resourceful fellow that he is, finally managed to extracate himself from the said lady. However, things turned for the worst when, last month, Ms X (it is to protect the innocent, you understand) was found lying in a pool of her own blood, revolver in hand, conveniently holding a rather badly spelled suicide note, which police have now assessed to be authentic.

Denton, though understandably shocked, immediately presented himself to said officers and was quickly absolved of any involvement in the act. The "General" (as he prefers to be known) contacted Denton in order to pay his bill whilst, at the same strongly advising him to get out of town as soon as possible - so as to avoid becoming involved in a rather distasteful (and suspecious) probate investigation.

Denton did not hesitate to follow these instructions and got himself a business class seat on a flight to somewhere in the Pacific, from whence he has not yet emerged.

However (if you're still following this), he did email last night and asked me to inform you that if you wish to contact either him or me, you can do so on the newly pressed link, which can be found in the left hand column.

He also wanted me to reassure you that he is currently in the best of health and thoroughly enjoying his long earned break.

The lucky bastard.

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