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Sunday, 25 March 2007

British Summer Time = Oxymoron

We moved the clocks forward an hour this morning to accomodate British Summer Time (BST). I'm beginning to wonder whether it's not time to change this strange title, since there's nothing summery about the weather whatsover. In fact, it's bloody freezing.

A rumour hit the streets that we'd passed the 21st of March sometimes last week, which in "normal" countries means that spring has finally declared herself to the world. I for one haven't been aware that winter's ever left. Aside from the usually depressing grey skies and lack of any other colour, the air is stuffed with anything but spring.

I think Al Gore's onto something. It might be the "official" start of spring, but the inconvenient truth is that we're freezing our nuts (or any other part of the anatomy) off here in the disunited kingdom.

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