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Monday, 19 March 2007

Ralph And I

About two weeks ago, I reprinted an article from the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles (which you can read here).

If you can recall, it related how my grandparents hosted GI Ralph Goodman for Purim 1945 in newly liberated Belgium.

Fast forward over half a century and Mr Goodman (who insists that I call him Ralph and who comes over as a wonderfully spright octogenarian) used the newly minted link in the left hand column to contact me. Since then, the two of us have developed a lovely correspondence which one day might lead to our meeting up.

I am continuously amazed by the unexpected delights that spring forth from this blog (and in this case, from Jane Ulman's great article).

Who could have imagined that I would be in contact with a gentleman who has such special memories of my immediate family, from so very long ago - when my mother was roughly the same age as my second daughter?

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