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Monday, 12 March 2007

It Takes One To Know One

According to the latest BBC poll, Israel has "the worst image in the world" and 56% of the respondents viewed the Zionist entity negatively. Only 17% had a positive opinion.

To make things even better (if you like), Iran came second with 54% followed by the good old US of A with 51%

That's that then.

The BBC, bastion of unbiased reporting (ahem), the promoter of nothing but the truth (cough cough) has obviously had the last word on the matter. Except that the BBC itself has the worst image in the world, in the eyes of at least 56% of the people both you and I know (and we know a lorra people don't we?) for its corrossive world view, shockingly biased reporting and gargantuan arrogance.

Maybe even more than 56% of the people we both know would like to see the release of the Balen report into the Beeb's biased record on Israel. So far, "Auntie" refuses to let it see the light of day.

I wonder why?

As they say, it takes one to know one and the BBC, pervayor of the worst kind of misrepresentitive reporting, should feel very much at home with the "bad image" tag.

I proudly count myself amongst the 17% who has a positive image of Israel, but I am also with the other 83% who believe that the BBC's "factual" reporting of the Middle East conflict stinks to high heaven.

So much for image, eh?

That Iran, who are building nuclear reactors to produce WMD's and threatening to wipe out half the world in the process, came second in the poll, shows how well thought out the questions must have been...

Nice one BBC.
Nice one.

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