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Monday, 13 March 2006

Watch Out!

Tonight, we will start celebrating the festival of Purim when we remember how G-d saved the Jews of ancient Persia from annihilation by the machinations of the evil anti-Semitic Prime Minister – Haman.

It is therefore particularly fitting that this year, we look once again towards the same country, now called Iran and wonder when his latest incarnation, Ahmadnejad will also get his just desserts. This evil individual, who speaks the same foul language as his predecessor (and I’m not referring to Farsi, which is a beautiful tongue) is at the moment, on a crusade (excuse the malapropism) to de-legitimise our nation and country. He will fail in the same manner that befell his predecessors, but he doesn’t know that yet.

The Hagaddah (the book we read at the Passover Seder) tells us that in each generation, someone arises who wishes to destroy us – but the Lord, G-d saves us from this fate. Yes, Hitler did kill 6,000,000 of our brethren, but we’re still here and the ancient empires who also tried to “wipe us off the map” are no longer in existence – please stand up any Babylonians, Greeks or Romans out there – so Mr Ahmadnejad had better take note.

Mess with us and you will end up losing more than an election

On a more positive note, may I wish you all a Happy Purim !!!

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