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Wednesday, 29 March 2006

A Very Positive Start

Having just watched Israeli Prime-Minister elect Ehud Olmert finishing off his victory speech, I feel a certain sense of elation.

Watching the internet, I witnessed some live footage of Olmert, standing at the Western Wall, praying. Similarly so, at the end of his speech, he donned his Kipah (skullcap) and recited a prayer familiar to anyone who attends Shul on Shabbat morning, asking the Lord to bless and protect the Land of Israel.

There are no doubt cynics who might say that these were simply token gestures to garner some extra brownie points amongst the Religious members of the cabinet (or country for that matter) whilst also getting a little more credo from within the hostile settler community. Personally, I would like to think that this was not the case, rather a human being like you or I, who also happens to be Prime Minister of the only Jewish country in the world, remembering that, at the end of the day, there is someone/something more important than himself controlling events on the ground.

In other words, he demonstrated to the world what Judaism is really all about.

The ancient kings of Israel who followed the word of G-d, never sought to take the credit when the People of Israel were rescued from their enemies. They were very much aware that, although they were indeed kings, in the eyes of the Lord, they too were as prone to human failings as any of their subjects.

Maybe tonight, Ehud Olmert, soon to be the most powerful person in Israel, showed the rest of us that whatever solution(s) he and his cabinet choose to end the bloodshed in Israel, he acknowledges that it is only G-d who can bring real peace.

This was truly a Kiddush Hashem – a sanctification of G-d’s name and it made me feel extraordinarily proud to be a member of his tribe.

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