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Wednesday, 22 March 2006

Oh, To Be Loved

I confiscated a tub of Vaseline from a Year 8 student today. The same kid admitted to throwing a stub of paper at me from the back of the room.

After the end of the lesson, I refused to return the Vaseline to him, whereupon he curtly told me to “drop dead”. When he approached me at lunch and asked me again for his precious tub, I told him that he could have it back if he wrote me a letter of apology. His response - “shut up”.

Sometimes, I wonder why I bother teaching these children.

I know that moaning about it here won’t help in the slightest, but at least it makes me feel a little better by getting it out of my system


Tense Teacher said...

I fully believe in the power of venting...Our poor school counselor probably wants to run when she sees me coming toward her office, 'cause I use her often as a sounding board.
I know my husband appreciates her and my blog, so that he doesn't have to listen to me gripe and moan about teenagers so often.

The Teacher said...

Thank goodness for Blogger!

Anonymous said...


I don't understand why you're so lenient. Why not just embarass the kid by scooping the vaseline into the bin and giving the empty tub back?