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Monday, 27 March 2006

Real Teaching

Today, I managed to achieve a first in my (albeit) brief teaching career. I taught four IT lessons without the use of IT. The computers in my room are beset by a mysterious electrical fault that keeps on tripping the fuse board and rendering nineteen out of twenty seven machines as useless as a chocolate teapot (a favourite phrase of my first boss many, many years ago).

It’s amazing how quickly one adapts to using just a standard, non-electrical whiteboard, marker and cloth. Saying that, this was real teaching, in every sense of the word and believe me, as authentic and traditional as it was, I am praying that the problem gets solved by this time tomorrow. Give me back my computers!

If I wanted to teach without the use of pc’s, I don’t think I would have bothered going into this profession.

Tense Teacher and all those out there like you, my hat off to you for doing what you do. Man its tough!

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