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Sunday, 31 August 2008

Shira is Five

You sit there and look at your newborn baby daughter, blink, blink again and when you look she's celebrating her fifth birthday!

My wonderful Shira is five on this very day. My baby is growing up!

What can I tell you about Shira that can't be described in these six words:


She has cuteness down to a tee and she knows it, but the charm that oozes out of her every pore, the intelligence that she brims with every look and utterance is utterly captivating. I know I shouldn't melt, but she makes everyone around her just about do the same thing whenever they lay their eyes on her.

In three words: Shira is gorgeous. That's not to say that her sisters are any less so, but today, my eyes are firmly fixed on her adorable little cheeks.

If you know Shira, I hope you'll agree and if you don't, take my word for it, she's quite something!

Happy birthday my darling and don't lose a single iota of your delightful personality. I hope the next 365 days allow us the opportunity to enjoy seeing you mature and develop in the same wonderful manner as you have to date.

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