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Friday, 22 August 2008

Movie Review: The Dark Knight (IMAX)

I positively had to see this film at the IMAX, although I was under the impression that it had been entirely filmed in this process. That said, the opening and closing scenes, as well as all the aerial shots were absolutely eye-popping to behold and this made the exorbitant entry fee (a gift from my wife) worth it.

The film is very very dark and unrelenting. Heath Ledger's performance is in one word, unforgettable. He not only chews up the scenery, he spits it out with a venom that even the world's deadliest snake could not muster. Maybe you feel it more because he's not around to repeat it. His joker is a nasty piece of work, with no sense of humour. Ok, maybe a little bit, but not the kind that we would laugh at.

The story is grim but magnetic and I didn't feel the generous length at any time. This might have been due to the fact that I was gawping at the IMAX effect. I must tell you that when you see Batman flying through the air peering at the ground, zillions of feet below, you are right there next to him and I did experience my vertigo kicking in (I kid you not).

This is definitely NOT a kids movie and I'm pretty surprised that it didn't get a 15 rating. If you can, see this at an IMAX, because it's worth the trip, but I would recommend booking your seat now. I booked mine on the 27th July, with yesterday being the first date when a decent seat was available.


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