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Monday, 25 August 2008

Day 2: Irritating The Flemish

Many of the Flemish people boast a proud history of hating both the Jews and the French Language in equal measure.

During the Second World War, they or their dear anscestors delighted in collaborating with the Nazis and this particular admiration for my brethren has continued into the present day, with the nationalistic Vlaams Belang party only the latest incarnation of the Flemish desire to gain idependence from Belgium and rid itself of non aryans. It's a grubby little party, made of up grubby little Flems.

You can therefore understand my sheer delight in going around the seaside resort we're staying in, on the Flemish coast of course, wearing my Kippah (skullcup) and talking French to any Flemish speaking person I could find. It was a lot of fun pissing them off, whilst noting the looks of disgust I received, particularly from the older folk, whom I am in no doubt, probably collaborated with the Nazis.

That said, Michal and I had a lot of fun in the heated swimming pool as I attempted to help her with her swimming. We visited the beautiful town of Ypres, which of course the Flemish have renamed (to Ieper) and in the evening, we met with old friends and went for a lovely walk around town (Kippah still in prominent position).

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