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Sunday, 24 August 2008

Michali's Belgian Trip - Day 1

I want to start by confirming something that many of you already knew. I don't do boats. I really don't do them.

My parents, being the wonderful people that they are (and I write this in all sincerity) insisted on crossing the English Channel by boat. I tried my best to convince them to go by Eurostar, but I was never going to present an argument that could come anywhere near to the validity of using the ferry (it's cheaper).

Since I'm a guest, I can't really argue, but I still want it to be known that I don't do boats. I now have the motion sickness wristbands to prove it.

We reached the port of Dover early enough to catch the 11:05 ferry, despite being booked on the 12:15 one. It was a relatively calm crossing but the 90 minutes couldn't roll by fast enough as I longed to walk on a surface that didn't undulate.

From Calais, We made our way to the hotel in Belgium, which is very nice thank you and since we've arrived, I haven't done much else, aside from find my feet (ha ha ha) and getting into the holiday spirit.

The most important thing is that Michal is having a nice time and after all, this holiday is for her and her only. I'm just the chaparone. I believe that we will be visiting Ypres tomorrow, which promises to be quite an interesting experience, not least because this whole area was awash with blood less than a century ago.

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drmathew said...

Ya Michal,
I can understand you and your openion on ferry crossings!