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Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Jumping For Joy

Have I told you that I'm useless at building things? Well, guess what, I'm useless at building things.

That said, I am eternally grateful for the help from R, who did his best to start us off on our wonderful excursion into assembling the fourteen foot trampoline that my parents and in-laws have bought for the girls. He had to leave and so, I was left to continue the work.


It would have also helped if we'd bothered to read the instructions too.

Thank G-d for D. and her teenage son A. who generously donated their time and experience (they've already got the identical model in their garden) to build the contraption, ably aided by yours truly and the wife.

D, A and Dana literally saved the day.

That said, I really can't describe the total joy that is derived from bouncing up and down on a brand-spanking new trampoline. In short - it is fantastic.

I can already hear the squeals of delight from the girls tomorrow morning when they wake up and glance at the dramatically altered garden.

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