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Wednesday, 13 June 2007

CD Review: Memory Almost Full

In time-honoured fashion, I bought Paul McCartney's new offering as soon as it came out - and I've been listening to it ever since.

Paul McCartney is a gifted musician. In fact, he is a very gifted musician and when he stops trying to please everybody, he comes out with some damn good results. His new album follows on the heels of the last (Chaos and Creation In The Backyard) and is almost a total antithesis of that album. The former showcased piano based ballads, whilst this new batch definitely reminds you that Mr Mac. has a rocker's creditability's.

Listen to Only Mama Knows and Junior's Farm comes right out at you in glorious 3D. I can't say that I intially warmed to The House of Wax, although it is starting to grow on me.

I am also growing increasingly fonder of Mister Bellamy, if only for its sheer quirkiness and veddy British humour. The title track is simple but infectious, whilst My Ever Present Past gets into your head like one of those that you can't quite shake off.

The centrepiece consists of a lovely medley of five songs that Macca uses to create an image of his childhood and past (with shades of Wings)

The standout trackout is You Tell Me, a beautiful song about asking someone else to help you recall those special moments in your life, as advancing age curtails your memory. In the quality stakes, this is closely followed by The End of The End, a moving song about a man at peace with his mortality and ready to face whatever comes, whenever it comes.

That said, See Your Sunshine is pleasant but forgettable and Gratitude reminds me of the kind of song Paul Simon used to write (and thankfully doesn't anymore).

As for Nod Your Head...the less said, the better (well, its not that bad).

Memory Almost Full
is a strong album which doesn't quite reach the heights of its predecessor. McCartney seems to produce better offerings when his life isn't panning out that well, so I suppose I should thank Heather Mills for something, especially as 1991's Driving Rain album, written when they were courting was such a load of dross. So thanks, Heather, for giving Paul a hard time.


***1/2 (out of 5)

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