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Friday, 8 June 2007

Big B(r)other

I'm not a great fan of "reality TV". I can't see the attraction of watching people in a camera saturated fishbowl, living their lives as though they weren't being viewed by millions of people.

The additional spectre of these individuals demonstrating their racist credentials (a la Big Brother) does not do anything to disprove my theory that these people really need to get a life - instead of trying to squander their precious time on earth chasing their pathetic fifteen minutes of transient fame.

I know that, as usual, I am in the minority in expressing these views. If the rest of the "viewing public" felt the same, we wouldn't be faced with this ghastly excuse of a programme reaching its eighth incarnation.

I will admit to watching "The Apprentice", but only because it features characters who have something interesting to say (well, most of them do) and tackle their business tasks using a variety of approaches. Additionally, Sir Alan Sugar, though not my cup of tea, does have some worthy credentials to back him up - if only because he has achieved so much in forty years of commerce.

That said, "The Apprentice" builds up to some sort of worthy climax (pushing aside the notion that its probably fixed anyway) and rewards its viewers in the process with a feeling of satisfaction that the best man or woman has probably won - as result of some pretty hard graft througout the numerous tasks and challenges.

Could some one then please explain to me how the chavs and no-hopers in that pretty North London house can be worthy of 100+ hours of my viewing time?

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