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Sunday, 8 April 2007

I Just Got Some...Satisfaction

I spent the morning filling out two application forms and there they are, on the bookcase, ready for taking to the Post Office on Wednesday, to be sent by recorded delivery to the schools. I feel really satisfied that I'm putting my ideas into action and in the process, opening up some new teaching opportunities.

The weather is beautiful and we are going to be going out this afternoon with some cousins. that The chag/festival is starting again this evening, but I feel so happy that I've got these applications out of the way, I can now enjoy the rest of the festival without fretting about filling them out.

They say that it's the little things you do that bring out the best feelings and right now, I am inclined to agree.

I saw two films last week too and they were Sunshine and Mr Bean's Holiday. Ordinarily, I would write up some reviews but I'm feeling relaxed, so I'll just give some general comments on both of the films:


2/3 of a good film until the sub-Alien type ending. Definitely worth seeing on the big screen for the incredible special effects and one's total immersion within the star that is our sun. If you can forgive the ropey storyline, go see, but don't expect to come out feeling too sunny (sorry).

Mr Bean's Holiday

This is a funny film that at times really brings out the laughs. I like the character and Rowan Atkinson is a pretty smart fellow, which helps. There are some genuinly funny moments and the ending is exactly the opposite to that of Sunshine, in terms of the oft-misused feel-good factor. This is undemanding entertainment, with flashes of brilliance every now and again.

If you're celebrating the seventh day of Passover, enjoy (it's the anniversary of the crossing of the Red Sea, don't you know?) and if you're not, have a good time and enjoy the spring weather, wherever you are.


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