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Wednesday, 11 April 2007

The Pesach Change-Over Queen

I'm absolutely delighted to report that Pesach is finally over and the luscious, mouthwatering, to-die-for smell of fresh BREAD is pervading every corner of the newly re-chametized kitchen.

Last night, at the end of the festival, for the first time, Dassi helped us change over the Pesach crockery and equipment with the usual, everyday stuff - and she was first rate at her job. Her sterling help cut down our work-time by at least half, if not more, so that we were back to normal by 23.00 instead of the usual 01.30

I don't know why, but I seem to be the only person who found that this Pesach really dragged and I couldn't wait for it to end. I was OK without eating most things, but the hardest challenge was trying to get through the day without my beloved cereals! You will be delighted to read that this was remedied as soon as Dana, the super-heroine came home with a new consignment of groceries.

Pesach is truly over and although I enjoy it's presence, it's nice to get back into the normal routine of life.

Hail Dassi the Pesach Change-Over Queen!

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