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Thursday, 5 April 2007

The After-Seders Speech

Three days into the festival and it's been lovely. I took the first seder night and by all accounts (he says humbly), it was lovely. We hosted the girls, my in-laws and Dana's aunt and uncle (my MIL's sister and her husband) who came all the way from Israel.

It has taken me ten years to fine tune my "seder groove" and pitch it exactly at the right level, with enough explanations to interest those present without hitting the very easily accessible overkill switch. A lovely addition this year though, was Michal's input as it was the first time she knew how to read the Hagaddah and therefore contributed like everyone else to the narrative.

The only fly in the ointment was my neighbour's house alarm which went off after the end of proceedings. He's a lovely guy (and he reads this site, so I want to REALLY embarrass him!) but his alarm seems to have a mind of its own and always insists on firing off whenever he's out of town, with yours truly ends up having to sort things out...we love you, A!

The second seder was a quieter affair which was fine as I was exhausted and welcomed an earlier night.

The food has been amazing and I'm not yet sick of matzot, so there's still hope for the next six days (groan).

Now, I can enjoy the holiday in the knowledge that I have more than a week of holiday and no more pesach cleaning to attend to (until the inevitable switch-over on Tuesday night).

Mo'adim Lesimchah!

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