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Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Don't Judge A Book By It's Face

I'd been quite wary of sites like MySpace. I didn't see the point in people setting up theit sites and asking strangers to become their "friends". In my limited opinion, it smacked of social desperation.

And...I would have held onto the same beliefs had my friend M (listen carefully 007....) not introduced me to Facebook. It turns out that virtually everyone I know in the local Jewish community is either on it, or signing up to it - I just had to get involved in this one!

So, here we are, a couple of weeks later and I absolutely love the damn thing, if only because I can choose to protect my identity or page from anyone whom I don't want to have as a "friend" on the site. I am not sure if this is something one can do in MySpace.

Additionally, it seems to me that Facebook is aimed at a more mature audience (i.e. above 19), which is obviously something that I find hugely attractive.

Finally, the site allows me to import these blogs automatically so that I now have an even larger fan base.

Yes, Facebook fits my recipe and as a result, my pathetically inflated (and yes, desperate) ego is currently soaring.

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