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Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Carter - The Old Buffoon

I have never rated Jimmy Carter very highly. The truth is that Israel and Egypt were itching to make peace in 1978 and this would have happened irrespective of whom was sitting in The White House. The fact that it happened to be Jimmy Carter is coicidental. Remember that he came into Office after "battling" against Gerald Ford, a lame duck president if there ever was one. Hell, I could have even beaten Ford!

Were it not for Watergate, Carter would still be growing his peanuts.

I don't like the man, never have. His one term of office is not particularly memorable and the debacle of the kidnapping of Americans in Iran, justifiably brought his pathetic political career to a grinding halt.

Recently however, he has outdone himself in showing what a sad old fool he is by bringing out a book with the 'enchanting' title: Palestine, Peace Not Apartheid.

In this useless tome, he blasts Israel (excuse the pun) for her "shameful" treatment of the Palestinians. I mean, how dare the Israelis build a barrier to stop suicide bombers coming in and destroying entire families. How could they?! That the bombing stopped virtually overnight as the barrier went up seems rather unimportant to this grand old shmuck of politics.

Peace in the Middle East, according to Jim-boy, will never happen as long as those dastardly Israelis hold onto Palestinian land. Then again, Israel leaving Gaza achieved a lot of good didn't it? Instead of the good ole occupation, we now have Kassam rockets slamming into our cities and the Palestinians going around bumping one another off before you can say "Jimmy Carter is a loser".

Much better then, eh Jim?

The sad truth is that Carter is an irrelevance. He serves no purpose whatsoever aside from trying to feebly push his own little agenda. Like an actor who has taken on one too many roles, he just shows himself up at ever opportunity as being the old buffoon that he's become.

Go to bed Jimmy, the world doesn't need you anymore.

And to be really honest, it never did.


Nic said...

Those little tours he does where he monitors other countries' elections always come off as patronizing, too. Like we've done so much better at running clean elections in this country.

The Teacher said...

Absolutely. He was particularly useful in the Bush-Gore mess. NOT!!